My Travel to Antipolo

It's just an hour away from our house to Antipolo. Probably, this is the reason why I am able to go forth and back in a day. Usually, I'll spend my time swimming at Antipolo. We have a resort there and there'll be no worries when I go there.

My last time at Caza Ibiza was just a week ago. I can still remember that it was a tiring one as I just got off from a bloody week slash stress work environment.

I needed a breather.

I really do.

It's a humid day. Too cool for the mountain's winds. It refreshes my soul every time I am going here at the caza.  The trees around are so placid making light noises from the leaves. The pool is cold on the other side and warm on the other. The mixing of this warmness and coolness soothes my body big time.

Until I realized I have to go back to the city again.

Damn. I'll be coming back.

Casa Ibiza Bar

Casa Ibiza Bar

Party at Casa Ibiza

Hold your party such as Birthday, Anniversary, Christening, Company, Get Together at Casa Ibiza. All will be accomaodate with style and fun. Swimming party all the way!

At Casa Ibiza, your party will surely be a hit and you will come back for more!

Fall at Casa Ibiza

Man-made waterfalls at Casa Ibiza

The Sky is Blue at Casa Ibiza

The sky is blue at Casa Ibiza.

I looked up and saw the clouds so blue.

Casa Ibiza Wedding Venue

It is where couples decide to hold their wedding in venues outside their hometown and do it in another location of their choice and the choice is Casa Ibiza. Relax and enjoy the cool soothing sounds of the flowing water from its pools and waterfalls while holding your reception and with the beautiful cabanas and the Mexican style, your wedding will be truly mesmerizing.

If you want a unique one, come at the resort and inquire! For the brides and for the grooms who wanted a fairy kind of nuptial. Do not hesitate to drop them a message or a call.

Toast for the newly weds!

Casa Ibiza Mexican Style

Mexican style apartment are waiting for you at Casa Ibiza. Casa Ibiza has a number of apartment that will cater the whole clan!

You will never run out of place here at Casa Ibiza. Check the rooms, kitchen, sala at our aparttelle.

Casa Ibiza Cabanas

Cabanas in Casa Ibiza, Antipolo.

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Contact Us

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Casa Ibiza Gallery

Casa Ibiza in Antipolo Gallery